Welcome to iron workers Local union no.16

“Ironworkers Local Union No 16, established in 1900 is a chapter of the International Association of Bridge, Structural & Ornamental, Reinforcing Rodman, Riggers, Machinery Movers & Glaziers. Members of Ironworkers Local Union No. 16 are highly skilled craftsman who pride themselves in a long tradition of hard work and strong work ethic. We work to provide our members health insurance, pension plan and an extensive training program. 

Ironworking is more than just a career to our members, it’s a lifestyle and our members are not just co-workers, they are brothers & sisters of the trade. We build your office buildings, malls, shopping centers, hospitals, educational facilities, bridges and overpasses you drive across daily. We do this with not only our own, but your family’s safety in mind. When it comes to providing safe and lasting structures for the everyday lives of America’s families we make a supreme effort to do the best work possible.   

Our ultimate goal is to supply our contractors an abundance of well-trained ironworkers who meet or exceed their needs. We strive to promote a positive and safe work site environment. We have always believed that education and training is the corner stone of our local. A well trained Ironworker is always in demand. In partnership with our many contractors we have and will stay committed to excellence.”

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